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Arc Homes is a leading Real Estate management and development company offering services in Real Estate Brokerage, Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory, Sales, Lease and Management of Properties.

Our story

The Future of Home Management and Development -
We are made up of an ever growing professional, hardworking and efficient team with unique values.
Our vision is to not only provide shelter, but to develop and manage well built and adequately featured properties using the most adaptive and transparent policies in the real estate industry.
Whether you're looking to buy a home, sell a property, develop or invest - we can help.

Having introduced a monthly rental scheme which enables working professionals secure decent, secured, fully serviced and furnished apartments in prime locations with flexible payment; we have redefined the short and long term rentals to accommodate prospective occupants without hassle.

Our value

Committed to making an impact through property development and management.

Rent Per Annum

Looking to rent a home? We're just one call away. We know the properties and we can help you get the best deals on the market and settle in without hassle.

Buy A home

Let's help you find and secure the best properties to call yours. An ideal property is not only good at purchase point, it should also give great value and return on investment in the nearer future.

Invest and Earn

We offer you the opportunity to grow your money without the hassle of buying, selling, renting, managing, renovating, or building new homes.

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